Dare to Lead for Teams

January 8, 2021 • From Linda

Since becoming a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator, ™ I’ve had a chance to work with a number of groups. No matter what the demographics are, I’ve noticed some trends.

  1. I’ve used it in my undergraduate class with students, and the barriers to courage impacting their ability to learn and participate, and fully embrace the college experience, come crashing down.
  2. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Resident Assistants before students returned to school, and they’ve also laid down their armor of cynicism, sarcasm, perfectionism, and been able to look at learning the skill sets of courage. This greatly impacts the experience of students in their areas.
  3. Individual coaching clients are using this work to work through their setbacks, fears, feelings, and perfectionism to begin to focus on excellence, rather than being sidelined by crushing failure.
  4. Intact teams are tackling tough questions, using this for connection with their members, and leaders are exploring open enrollment sessions as a time for interaction with others.

This is crossing generations and creating inter-generational conversations that are not laden with tension but open and valuable.

This is crossing hierarchies and power levels so the newest employee can bring their great idea, into the culture of innovation we claim to want to create.

Here are my questions for you:

  • What questions are you asking, in your culture, to help others be brave?
  • What resources do you have in your group, team, or organization that actively says that shame and blame are not tools to be used?
  • How are you teaching your teams to display behaviors that exemplify bravery and courage? Hint: It’s not asking them to be machines without feelings.

As you explore the answers to these questions, lean into what feels uncomfortable and what feels easy. We can learn so much from just the responses our bodies have when we stop and ask a question.

If you are interested in the Dare-to-Lead program for you or your team, give me a call or learn more here.

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