Linda Clark Consulting facilitates transformational experiences for individuals and teams through group workshops, keynote speaking, one-on-one coaching, and performance and culture development consulting.

With two decades in operational HR and leadership development, Linda’s earned a few certifications and credentials like:  

  • CMC — Certified Master Coach  
  • CDTLF — Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator  
  • MHRM — Master’s in Human Resource Management 
  • SPHR — Senior Professional in Human Resources  
  • SHRM-SCP — Society of Human Resources, Senior Certified Professional  

To learn more about Linda’s qualifications, read her full bio here. The most important part of a Linda Clark experience is the creativity and intuition she has to unlock your team’s curiosity and facilitate meaningful growth.


“Not only does she come with a wealth of knowledge in her field, but she was able to draw out my competencies in a way I could never have done on my own.

Cory H.

Digital Marketing Professional


Serious growth in a not-so-serious setting.

Who said self-help has to be boring?

Linda Clark is hilarious. Not “Tell an Offensive Joke for Shock Value” funny. More like “Growth is Hard But So is Getting into Spanx™” kind of funny. When your team is relaxed and laughing, they’re more likely to listen and learn.



Success has a signature.

And it’s in your handwriting.

Whether your dream involves a new title or just making it through performance reviews without a panic attack, you decide what success is. Linda’s role is to liberate the curiosity and confidence you’ll need to get there.



The old models don’t work anymore.

And playing by the book doesn’t either. 

Linda works with leaders who know they can no longer put profit over people or process over outcomes. Building a culture of courage and connection impacts ROI more than an acronym. No matter what growth phase or industry your organization is in, Linda can help.


Upcoming Events

  • 1/19

    Courageous Leadership: Empathy & Connection

    Using Empathy to Connect, Sustain, and Grow…Everywhere. Private event.

  • 1/21

    Developing Coachable Competence: The Pause Before the Pivot

    Module 4: Focusing on the Feedback Transition from delivery into transformation and action, a 4 step process for the participants to leave with accountability, outcomes, and focus. Private event.

  • 1/26

    Oklahoma State Learning Series: The Art & Competency of Feedback

    State of Oklahoma – All state employees are eligible to register. Disarming the fear of feedback failure from delivery to action, the damage of “nice” and why you’ll never see a sandwich the same way again. Note: Questions about State of Oklahoma training should be sent to slstraining@omes.ok.gov

  • 1/27

    Road to Trust Series

    A 3-part series for employees at all levels to understand building trust, the utter myths about trust, and applying it to prioritizing trust in performance cultures. Private event.

  • 1/28

    Edmond Chamber of Commerce Women Mean Business Breakfast

    It’s a testament to courage and bravery when we get clear on our vision, prioritize our decisions around values, and keep our focus on a personal decision to live a best life of excellence, happiness, joy, success, and achievement. Sign up here!

  • 5/5


    Arkansas SHRM Conference

    Session details and registration TBA

  • 6/2

    Courageous Leadership through the Lens of Dare to Lead

    Autry Technology Center – A fast-paced overview of Dare to Lead, the skillsets of courage, and let’s talk about some barriers to courage! Sign up here!

  • 6/23


    Dare to Lead Experience (Certificate, 3 days)

    Autry Technology Center – The Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing these courage-building skills through workshops, trainings and coaching to help individuals, teams and organizations move from armored leadership to daring leadership. Sign up here!

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