Linda Clark speaks to thousands of people each year including executives and senior leadership, teams in a variety of industries, and at industry conferences. Her charismatic and engaging presentations, punctuated with humor and storytelling, create a learner-centered environment ideal for authentic growth. Her two decades of experience in operational HR and leadership development qualify her to speak on a range of topics including:

  • Creating, nurturing, sustaining, and leading brave teams and performance champions
  • The art and competency of feedback that drives transformation and innovation
  • Thriving in dynamic environments of change
  • Performance, leadership, and organizational development
  • Celebrating the individual and creating cultures of cohesion, collaboration, and connection.

Don’t see a topic you need covered? Reach out and see how Linda can wow your audience.


“She is a dynamic speaker that draws you in because her presentation is more like a story with a relatable narrative. She was able to explain core competencies and relay it in such a way that it had you analyzing all the aspects of your job and realizing that you possess more of them than you thought! She is able to draw the listeners into the conversation and keep their level of engagement up.”

Tiara Wallace

Risk Manager, Land Development

Serious growth in a not-so-serious setting. 

Who said self-help has to be boring?

Linda knows that getting your team to relax and enjoy themselves is the key to opening up and learning. That’s why every workshop or keynote speech is full of jokes, questions, and opportunities to interact. Book a 15-minute call and see if Linda is a good fit for your next event. 


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