Live Vibrant!

Live Vibrant! Kit for Braver, Bolder Leadership

Dear Human-Hiding-Your-True-Hues,

The Live Vibrant Kit for Braver, Bolder Leadership is a living collection I’ve curated to help you show up in full-color.

I call it a “living collection” because it is changes based on needs I see in my practice and as fresh content is created. I say “show up in full color” because I want you to show up to your life and your people as your whole, vibrant self. I want you to lose the no, and find the how. My work is to help you transform your life, your team, and the world. 

Your forever fan,


Read This

  • Remember Your Values

    Support on building your organization’s culture

    If you tell me you’re unhappy with your job, I’m willing to bet there’s a values issue.

  • How Dare to Lead Can Help Your Team

    From Armored to Daring Leadership

    Working with the Dare to Lead program with everyone from students to CEOs, I’ve noticed some trends.


Listen to these

These podcasts are great to listen to while driving, cooking, or feeding the horses.

  • Curiosity Locksmith with Linda Clark

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  • A Seat at the Table

    Leading Through the Dark Place
  • The Spillover Effect

    Being Courageous at Work
  • Coffee, Content, Etc.

    People Continuity Plans

Try These

Here are some helpful handouts to use or share with your team.

Watch These

Here are some courage-building videos. (For you AND me.)

  • The Internal Conversation: The Pause Before the Pivot

    10th Annual Women in Leadership Conference
  • Hate Mail from Operations

    From DisruptHR OKC

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