• Remember Your Values
    Most businesses and many individuals have values that they hold as a priority for how they operate on a daily basis. When I ask someone about their values, they might respond with, “Personal or business?” and that sets up a great conversation. The minute you tell me you’re not happy in your job, I’m willing […] READ MORE
  • Dare to Lead for Teams
    Since becoming a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator, ™ I’ve had a chance to work with a number of groups. No matter what the demographics are, I’ve noticed some trends. I’ve used it in my undergraduate class with students, and the barriers to courage impacting their ability to learn and participate, and fully embrace the […] READ MORE
  • The Spillover Effect, Podcasts, and Playing Small
    Do you play small? For me, I know I default to playing small. Assuming I’m not enough, resisting things that make me feel vulnerable, like a podcast. Yes, a podcast. The more and more you put yourself out there for judgment, the more you come to the table as a brave and courageous leader, the […] READ MORE