Linda has over two decades’ experience in operational HR. Her “radical operations focus” means she’s not bringing a one-size fits-all prescription from a book. She works with you to get clear on the ideal outcome, dig into what’s not working, and develop a plan together. Before her work as a coach, speaker, and consultant, Linda likely stood where you are today. She’s been in the board room making tough operational decisions. She’s navigated multi-million dollar transactions. She’s experienced the victory of building high-trust, resilient teams and understands the work, and sometimes pain, it takes to get there.

From discovery sessions to team building workshops, one-on-one coaching to virtual events, Linda has a wealth of tools, resources and strategies to facilitate meaningful growth for your team. If you aren’t sure what you need but know you need to start the journey, book a call to discuss what’s possible.


“Linda is the perfect blend of energy, expertise, enthusiasm, and grace. Linda is an HR professional who knows her stuff AND knows how to share just the right pieces, depending on the client and the situation. She is firm, diplomatic and engaging. She works equally well with artsy nonprofit groups and corporate firms with hundreds of employees. Her presentation style is always about delivering information that will help the group and she knows how to do that using just the right amount of humor, data, tales of woe and inspiring examples. ”

Molly Helm

Coach and Writer, Purple Ink 

The old models don’t work anymore.

And playing it by the book doesn’t either.

The world is desperate for bolder, braver leaders but often we spend so much time trying to follow processes, that there’s no time for vulnerability or stopping to ask why. If your organization is going through a major transition or you just feel like it’s time for a “human check-in” with your team, book a call to explore the possibilities with Linda.


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