Linda Clark has been working for the “human-part” of HR for over two decades. As a human, she considers herself a performance and culture development geek and has a mild obsession with drum horses, Dobermans, and Sharpies. She spent years as, what she calls, an “Executive Chameleon,” mastering the art of blending. It is her lived experience as an imperfect human leader struggling with imposter syndrome that called her to become a coach.  

As a coach, she has over two decades of experience in operational HR and leadership development. She is a Certified Master Coach (CMC) and Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator (CDTLF) making her one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry. She has worked with executives and professionals in nearly every industry and she’s learned that from aerospace to zipper factories, organizations may have different products or operations, but our people are all humans.  

No matter where you are in your career or life stage, Linda Clark can help you get where you want to be.  


“The single best investment I have made in my entire career was hiring Linda for a career coaching session when I was changing jobs. Years ago, when I got laid off, I spent a lot of money with a traditional job firm. I got more from my “hour of power” call with Linda than I did from 10 weeks of working with the firm. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. ”

Carrie Cooper

Technical Writer, Healthcare Industry

Success has a signature.

And it’s in your handwriting.

No one can decide what success looks like but you. Maybe you want a promotion or maybe you want to quit your job and start an alpaca farm. Whatever your dream is, Linda’s empathetic and creative approach meets you where you are and clears a path forward.


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